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MediaWiki-API (0.35) ****

MediaWiki::API provides convenience methods for accessing the modern MediaWiki API at a low level. This is incredibly useful, but lacks the high-level abstraction necessary to maximize programmer productivity. It is used internally in MediaWiki::Bot, which provides much of that higher level of abstraction.

MediaWiki-API (0.24) *****

MediaWiki is great, also because it has an API. To really leverage the API, you need something like MediaWiki-API, which provides a perl interface to the api.

Well done!

MediaWiki-API (0.21) *****

Very very cool. If I wasn't already married...

MediaWiki-API (0.12) *****

I think this module is great as it provide an easy-to-use interface to wikipedias API. It have saved me for a mutch work. Thanks!

The author also response very quick when I had a feature-request.

Nice work!