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Mail-Box (2.109) ****

Was torn between using this and the PEP Email::* modules usually recommended for mail projects, but then I read the hilarious Moonpig slides (especially slides 24 and 26) and decided to go with this set of modules.

Mail-Box (2.105) ***

The package itself is very capable and does pretty much anything you throw at it. That said, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Too much emphasis is placed on the internal details of how it works as opposed to simply giving a "black box" view of how to accomplish your goal. For example, a clear way of creating a POP3 mailbox accessor isn't provided until several pages down in the documentation on the POP3 module. It should be, IMO, at the very top of it.

Mail-Box (2.104) *****

As a previous reviewer said, this does it all. It's not the easiest module to get started with, but once you've followed a few examples, it becomes natural.

The documentation is excellent, as is the support and response to bugs.

Mail-Box (2.084) *****

I usually do web apps, but a client threw a .dbx file at me that needed some manipulation.


Did it on windows and compiled the app with PAR. Worked flawlessly.


Mail-Box (2.069)

[This review was actually for, but accidentally placed in the Mail::Box section. Follow the link for a rated review]

Mail-Box (2.065) ****

Mail::Box is a heavy distribution, but it does it all.

I think that I would go as far as saying it is over engineered in places, but email is a tough nut to crack.

My only grudge is that sometimes the complexity of it all requires you to do lots and lots of doc/code diving to figure out what to actually do.
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