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MIME-Type-FileName (1.0)

The module is very simple and minimal. It consists of a small initialisation routine which maps file endings to mime types, a routine called "guess" which guesses the mime type, and extension to file name data.

A bug in the initialisation routine means it overwrites its own values, so .jpeg turns into image/pjpeg. I reported it here:


The list of mime types contains some wrong ones like "application/x-javascript" which should be "application/javascript". The IANI list is online and available in text form for anyone to copy here:


I'm not sure why the author created this module. MIME::Types was already mature when this module was first released in 2012. In my test, MIME::Types gets 13/16 file names to mime types correct, but MIME::Type::FileName gets only 8/16 right.

MIME::Type::FileName is simple and self-contained, but not very accurate.

For a comparison with similar modules, see