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MIME-Lite (3.027) *****

Finally, a mime/mailing package in perl that generally "does what you mean", gives you power to send a modern email, and doesn't hassle you about the details and internals.

MIME-Lite (3.023) *****

This module is great - definitely my favourite to send emails! However, when is the dev release being fully released? It;s annoying to have to install the dev release manually on our servers to get around the SMTP authentication 'bug'.

UPDATE 2008-12-03. The latest version has SMTP auth in it so no more painful dev release installs. 5 stars!

MIME-Lite (3.020) *****

MIME-Lite works as expected -- it's great and I've been using it for years.

My beef is that it's bloated. Years ago, it truly was "LITE". That's why I used it. These days, it has far too many dependencies that aren't included in standard Perl distributions. Thus, a CPAN install of the module is almost laughable with all the extra modules that are needed. It all works in the end, but it just seems much more inefficient than it should be.

In my opinion, any package with "LITE" in the name should not have any dependencies that aren't included with a standard Perl distribution.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

Brilliant. I was considering writing something similar myself, but could not have asked for a better substitute. Does everything I require and more.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

MIME::Lite has been my standard e-mail generation solution for years. I use it for tasks from simple to complex. Today I noticed another small but important benefit it offers: It strips headers of newline characters, preventing a "header injection attack" when e-mails are generated from values gathered from untrusted sources.

MIME-Lite (3.01) ***

Widely used and a good module. But, what about SASL auth? This module lacks support of it. Mail::Mailer seems to be a good alternative for that functionality: search.cpan.org/~markov/MailTools/Mai...

MIME-Lite (3.01) ****

MIME::Lite is your universal friend for jotting together MIME-compliant messages when open FH, "/bin/mail |" doesn't hack it.

I've written several scripts using this package, ranging from file distribution from cron jobs to automatic newsletters from Confluence blog posts.

The latter is available from confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONF... by the way.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

Tried it out of the box on a new install of perl and worked first time! Interface easy to understand, and detailed examples. Very cool.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

This is my favorite mailing module. If you are new to Perl and sending email from a script, please look at this one first.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

I never thought writing an email with attachment can be so easy.

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

The best of the best to send emails !!!

Don't search, it can do what you want !
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