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Log-Easy (0.01.07) *****

DISCLAIMER: I am the author of this module.

OK ... So I am biased in giving this such a high rating, but I have
found it highly useful during development. By using the appropriate
FILTER'able log levels, I can put an unconscionable number of log
calls in my code for debugging purposes. For production use there is
no performance penalty because all my developer log calls are filtered
out at compile time (with the appropriately set environment variable
for either filtering or not-filtering certain log calls)

Granted, there are many more things such a logging module could do than
what this one does, and I have plans for additional features, but this
does world quite well. It really is very EASY to use!

I still need to spif up the documentation and add some good examples
... patience my pretty! If you are interested in this at all and would
like to see more examples and better documentation, check back at
version 0.02.00 or so!

This is the first module that I have attempted to submit to CPAN. I
didn't realize that it would be so visible and would get rated before
I even announced it! I was doing this as a practice run for additional
modules that I plan on submitting. I think I have been thouroughly
admonished for a number of "wrong" things that I did, and I appreciate
the feedback. I believe I have resolved the obvious problems, and I
thank everyone who provided feedback.

Is there some way a module can be spared from reviews until it is
"officially" announced? I consider this stage to be maybe mid-alpha
stage and would not normally have announced it until a few more
things were resolved.

Log-Easy (0.01.2) ***

I'm improving my rating of this module because some documentation appeared. I would change the overall rating to be "undef" if I could...because I haven't tried it out directly myself. I'll leave it at 3 instead.

Log-Easy (0.01) *

*sigh* When will people stop uploading incomplete modules? Complete means documentation and proper tests. This distribution fails in both respects.

Also, it appears to unpack into the wrong directory. A module with this name should unpack into "Log-Easy-0.01/Log" and not "Log-Easy-0.01/Easy".

Log-Easy (0.01) *

It's so easy it doesn't need any documentation!