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Log-Dispatch-FileRotate (1.19) **

It seems to work ok for basic numeric size based file rotation, but the date stuff is a mess. Using Date::Manip (which now requires 5.10); the 'yyyy-mm-dd' format is a hack (only specific formats work; and they aren't documented). .... and I couldn't actually get it to work.

I only just started looking at the code when I found Log::Dispatch::File::Stamped which is much simpler, clean code and does what I needed.

Log-Dispatch-FileRotate (1.15) ****

It does what it says it does.

The only irk I have is that if I am using Log::Dispatch and I want a file rotation and I see Log::Dispatch::FileRotate, I assume that it extends Log::Dispatch and instead this requires the installatin of Log::Log4perl. Why?