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List-MoreUtil (0.01) *

I first found this module after I installed it by accident when trying to install List::MoreUtils. Why pick a name so close?

What has made List::Util and List::MoreUtils to powerful and useful is that they are implemented in C and are fast, fast, FAST! List::MoreUtil does not do this.

In fact, it appears to duplicate many of the functions that already exist in List::Util and List::MoreUtil. In that sense, it seems out of place and greatly duplicates existing work.

Although the List::Util maintainer is a bit touchy about adding additional function, the List::MoreUtils maintainer certainly isn't. There's no reasonable that some of the more interesting functions here couldn't have been added to it initially in Perl with the aim of converting to C in the long run.

In it's current form I think this module may actually cause more harm than good. Since it appears to be relatively new, I recommend removing it outright before anyone creates a dependency on it.

Perhaps a more private namespace like Author::ERIC::ListUtils would be more appropriate?

List-MoreUtil (0.01) **

This module shouldn't exist. The List:: namespace is already cram-packed with modules where the functionality of this one could have easily been merged in. Other than that, I think it's bad style to chose a namespace that it identical to that of an already existing module and only differs in the presence or absence of a plural 's'.

Unfortunately, its author did not respond to my email either.