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Kwiki (0.38) *

I consider this VERY alpha software.

The POD is terrible: it refers to a website that runs the module, and doesn't work: "Software error: Can't find a class for method 'unlink' at lib/Kwiki/ line 143..."

I could go on, but that should give you the general idea that this software is not worth investing in for production.

A shame, because the module is heading in the right direction with plug-ins.

Kwiki (0.38) *****

I installed kwiki the first time today, and got it running in half an hour or so, including installing required modules.
This is great!
I just broke my test wiki by installing Kwiki::Archive::Rcs and Kwiki::Revisions, the recent_changes site is loading and loading... So I believe there
are still things to fix, but hopefully I'll get the site up and running...

edit: got Kwiki::Archive::Rcs and Kwiki::Revisions successfully installed.

Kwiki (0.38) **

Sorry, this is not a troll...

After hearing about kwiki today, I tried installing it. The documentation is lousy (doing it in the wiki plays to a weakness of the wiki format). I followed the instructions I could find. The cpan install failed - I fixed it by installing something manually (Spoon?).

After this I went to my new wiki home page, to be greated by an error message (couldn't find plugin for action 'display').

What a great start!

By chance I happened to try kwiki -add Kwiki::Display after looking in the plugins file. This worked.

I then tried to follow the instructions I could find on installing plugins. I edited the plugins file and uncommented a line, kwiki -update then told me I had something installed twice. The error message pointed me to a URL that did not solve my problem.

I tried installing Kwiki::Atom with cpan. Cpan bombed out twice in the process (not the fault of kwiki, I know, but still).

So overall, a VERY bad first impression. If this is easy to install folks, I can't wait to see whay you mean by user friendly :-)

By the way, kwiki sounds good. I like the approach, believe it is lightweight, and I'm sure plugins are the way to go. I've installed and played with (and hacked on) 3 other wikis, including WikiMedia and some other perl effort. I've been using UNIX for 23 years, including many years doing sysadmin work, so I feel justified in saying that kwiki (at least in the version I installed (0.38 on Mandrake linux with perl 5.8.3) was absolutely NOT a breeze to get going.


Kwiki (0.38)

Ignore the previous Kwiki commentor poster. It's a complete troll.

MediaWiki is a giant bloated PHP application specifically created for Wikipedia. Kwiki is a relatively light-weight, extremely pluggable _Perl_ application.

It's rediculous that cpanrantings is being used to promote PHP applications.

I think the weather plugins are silly too, SO I DON'T INSTALL THEM. Of course, the lack of Kwiki::Publish is an entire other problem :)

If we've got any moderators for this site, please delete the previous post (and this one too when you do).

Kwiki (0.38) ***

Kwiki is extremely easy to install and use without knowing much about Perl or Kwiki itself. Installing extra features through plugins is also usually fairly painless. The only concern most users should expect is speed: Kwiki tends to run on the slow side.

Kwiki, and the Spoon framework on which it was built, provide a very powerful and flexible way to write plugins to modify and extend the behavior and feature-set of Kwiki. Unfortunately, it is nearly entirely undocumented. While a few efforts to improve this are underway, none have yet to bear much fruit.

Kwiki (0.33) *****

This truly is "kwik" to install. I wish all software was this easy to install. The architecture is great, too: plugins, TT2--what else could you possibly want? Well, perhaps some actual documentation in the PODs.

Kwiki (0.31) ***

Kwiki is evolving rapidly. The current refactored version has just been released, so plugins need to be rewritten for the new version. I'm not sure that the author is fond of writing documentation, so the WikiGnomes on the site need to get busy. :-)

Kwiki probably has the cleanest Perl Wiki architecture, so if it can attract a critical mass of plugin and skin developers, it may soon surpass existing Perl WikiClones in functionality.
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