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JavaScript (1.16) ***

This is an excellent module. However it's currently suffering from a slight case of abandonment and is hard to install in up-to-date distributions. Hoping it gets some love soon because essentially when built with older versions of the mozilla javascript library (and when it was used to be available in a Debian package) it was a very useful and reliable module.

Nowadays I'd recommend transitioning to Javascript::V8 instead though.

But if you want to build it, see this:

JavaScript (1.16) *****

This module provides an interface between Perl and the spidermonkey JavaScript engine from Mozilla. I installed this because I could not get the latest version of JE to work on my computer. The module works very well to the small extent I have used it so far.

The documentation of the module is fairly sparse but it seems to be enough.

The installation of the module itself was fairly painless. However, the installation of the spidermonkey library is not so painless, and unfortunately the "system" version of spidermonkey which comes with some free OSes seems usually to be broken, so it is necessary to self-install the library. The reviewer who complained about the installation problems surely must have had problems with that.

The following page was pretty helpful in installing spidermonkey:


Sorry, but the above blog page is gone now, unfortunately. But I have something which may be useful on my website:

JavaScript (1.12) *****

Excellent module, provides a clean, high-level interface to the SpiderMonkey javascript engine.

JavaScript (1.04) *****

It does everything that it must to let you use SpiderMonkey in your application. Being able to seamlessly translate Perl data into JavaScript and vice versa is very nice.
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