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Image-ExifTool (9.04) *****


Image-ExifTool (8.60) *****

Image-ExifTool is realy awesome,
great work,

Image-ExifTool (7.89) *****

This library is the most powerful, reliable and convenient tool in the market who not only supports 99.99% of the fast-changing metadata standards at the long time, but the product support is also great for the long time. Especially in comparison that the hole idea, development and product-support is powered by a single person. The code is highly accurately written and laconic. I like that Phil extensively uses the Regex expressions through the entire library code.

My respects to Phil and keep up the good work!

Image-ExifTool (7.51) *****

If you need to manipulate EXIF data, you need this module. It does the job amazingly well and works seamlessly on multiple platforms. The included exiftool command line tool is very useful.

Image-ExifTool (7.30) *****

It does what it says on the tin: read and write different kinds of meta data from images. And it does this well. It also includes a useful command-line utility for viewing or setting values.

Image-ExifTool (7.60) *****

I've used this module for a variety of images from a variety of cameras and found it to be complete and well documented. I tried the other EXIF modules on CPAN too and I'm pretty sure this is the one to use.

Incidentally to the review, it may be interesting to note that the source code is the only example I've seen of extensive (comprehensive?) use of Perl's prototype system in a CPAN module.

Image-ExifTool (7.15) *****

Wondering what's hiding in those graphic files - a lot more than you think. And this is the software to help you see it. Excellent work!

Image-ExifTool (6.76) ****

I found this to be a great tool; I originally wrote a Perl program and needed a EXIF data extraction tool to rename all our holiday snaps based on Date/Time - when I found the command line tool I was thrilled, as it didn't limit me bringing the whole lot of photos to be renamed, I could do it on my Mac at home!

One suggestion, though, would be when renaming the photos in a date/time scenario, rather than leaving a duplicate filename alone, is to add a '-1', '-2' etc to the end of the name. Our situation may have been unique as we were running three different cameras, however as DCameras get faster, a single camera may also face this problem.

Other than that, it's a great tool and I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done, and to say 'thanks' for writing it.



Image-ExifTool (6.00) *****

Fast, reliable and amazingly comprehensive - if you need to read Exif info, this is the module for you. Added value in the 'composite' fields, which will return a useful value regardless of in which proprietary field it appears.

Image-ExifTool (5.25) ****

This is a great tool! I had been looking for a freeware tool to modify EXIF image data and stumbled across this. I had to install Perl for it, but that was easy too. Due to my lack of Perl ability I have a Python script which calls Perl to run ExifTool!

Could do with a "quiet" option for running in batch mode (all those "1 image changed" messages is untidy).

Wow! Less than a day after my review a quiet option appeared. Thanks Phil - you deserve a 5/5 for responsiveness!
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