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Image-EXIF (2.01)

It's not complete enough to be useful, and the interface is not documented. I suggest using Image::ExifTool instead.

Image-EXIF (1.00.3) *****

It's an XS module that wraps the C code for exiftags, it doesn't require the exiftags program and shell out to it. I just wanted to clarify that about the previous review.

I tried a bunch of different modules for accessing EXIF data when I first wrote my image gallery and this one suited me best. It allowed me to get at more data than Image::Info did. Primarily for data that is specific to different camera manufacturers.

Also both the author of this module as well as the author of the exiftags have been quick to respond to my emails.

Good module!

Image-EXIF (1.00.3) **

Better to use Image::Info rather than wrap an external program.