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IPC-System-Simple (1.25) *****

Instead of repeating the error handling of system-calls over and over again in your code, just use this simple module. Thanks!

IPC-System-Simple (1.25)

This is a well-designed module with a good interface. The core system()'s behavior of whether to invoke shell or not depending on the number of arguments is ... unfortunate. This module fixes that.

However, the previous review's comparing of IPC::System::Simple with IPC::Run or IPC::Simple is rather misguided. They focus on different things: IPC::System::Simple focuses on providing shell/no-shell versions of invoking commands and making a command's result easier to parse. It does not support feeding text to STDIN, handlers for STDOUT/STDERR, timeouts, or the other features that IPC::{Run,Cmd} support.

IPC-System-Simple (1.25)

Very easy to use. Liked it.

IPC-System-Simple (1.20) *****

Here, in a nutshell, is my experience of executing a command from perl with minimum fuss and maximum portability:

1. Use system or qx.
2. Get frustrated by limitations of the builtins (or tired of intoning strange POSIX incantations in Latin) and head to CPAN.
3. Quickly find a decent module with good reviews. In my case, there have been several of these over the years. Most recently, IPC::Run and IPC::Cmd. These work well most of the time, particularly on *nixes.
4. Find a common case that one of these modules doesn't handle well, if at all.
5. Wearily fire up another CPAN search, assuming there'll be nothing suitable listed under the 60-odd results returned for distros containing "IPC".
6. Find IPC::System::Simple.
7. Skip through the documentation. Test and verify. Remove boilerplate error massaging/translation code, FIXMEs, TODOs and WTFs.
8. Rejoice.

IPC-System-Simple (1.20) *****

It strikes me as strange that this module hasn't been rated any stars yet.
It's simple to use the module, and yet it covers the advanced usage.
In addition, the module should work well under almost any platforms, even Windows.
You would presumably not be at a loss as to what modules relevant to IPC to use.