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IPC-ShareLite (0.17) *****

A very quick and easy to use way to communicate between programs.

The hostile reviews ignore issues like platform dependence.
If they can't find a bug by reading the code, maybe the underlying system calls are faulty on their computer.
The module obviously requires a fully working SysV IPC on the machine.

The criticism that it only supports scalars is not a problem if you use it with Storable as suggested in the documentation, which I have done.

If something very elaborate is required, this Lite module is not the right one to use:-)

If you want to destroy the share on exit, you may want a signal handler and to undef the share in an END subroutine.
The destroy method only takes numeric flag, unlike the destroy option.

IPC-ShareLite (0.09) ****

Excellent little module. The only shortcoming this far is that it does not handle data other than scalars.
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