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IO-Prompt (0.997002) ****

Excellent module. Makes writing quick command line utilities with prompts and validation a breeze.

IO-Prompt (v0.99.4) **

This is a great module, if you are on Unix.

And for applications which both already are limited to Unix and already require a recent Perl version, I recommend it highly.

Unfortunately, despite the fact it installs on Windows, it doesn't work at all on Win32.

Full marks for the functionality, but loses 1 point for not being cross-platform, 1 for not having any unit tests beyond the boilerplate load and POS tests, and 1 for APPEARING to work and installing despite the fact it doesn't work.

I do not recommend the use of IO::Prompt for anything that might end up on CPAN, where cross-platform capability is needed.

IO-Prompt (v0.99.4) ***

Unluckly, this module seems stuck to the interim release state, and the near future for a better documentation seems to be the same as Perl 6 ;)

It's a real PITA to have to come back here in CPAN, look for the examples directory and work out how to use this module, which is quite useful once you remember how to use it.

I hope to be able to revise this review "in the near future" :)

IO-Prompt (0.99.2) *****

Does everything you would expect it to do, only better. Now I don't have to use Sysadm::Install to generate quick menu's, I can use IO::Prompt. But that's only the beginning....

Mr Conway is very responsive and friendly regarding any issues related to bugs (and in general ;-) ), as I have found out. Which in fact (my bug), turned out to be a lack of knowledge on my part.

For me, this is why I have given it 5 out of 5. Not only did the author reply promptly (excuse the pun), but was very detailed and helpful.

In a nutshell, you simply can't buy this kind of support, which is just another example of how great the Perl community is and why Perl is such a joy to work with.

Gavin Henry.
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