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HTTP-Server-Brick (0.1.3) *****

Very handy - tried it for prototyping; has made its way in to a couple of low-volume production systems.

HTTP-Server-Brick (0.1.1)

Just a comment on the above rating - thanks for the good words, but I must point out that HTTP::Server::Brick does have path info handling. From the POD:

The request object is an instance of HTTP::Request with two extra properties:

The mounted path that was matched. This will always be identical to $req-uri->path> for non-wildcard mounts.

Using nomenclature from, any extra path (or rather, uri) info after the matched mount_path. This will always be empty for non-wildcard mounts.

HTTP-Server-Brick (0.1.0) ****

Very nice module for setting up a small web server. It lacks a few things like CGI queries and path info handling, but overall it's very useful.