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HTTP-BrowserDetect (1.55) *****

This module has helped me simplify my Nginx log parsing module: Nginx::Log::Line. By using HTTP::BrowserDetect I was able to provide more reliable user agent and robot detection.


HTTP-BrowserDetect (1.11)

This module has been brought back to life! The RT queue has pretty much been cleared out and many new browser definitions have been added, including mobile devices. I'm not going to rate this module as I'm the current maintainer, but I do want to make clear that the entirely valid concerns of the previous reviewer have now been addressed.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (0.99) ***

Good module for tidying up the business of user-agent parsing.

However.. It currently seems to have been abandoned and so hasn't kept pace with the modern browser situation. There *are* lots of helpful patches in RT though, this could probably do with a fork!

HTTP-BrowserDetect (0.99) *****

So far, this module has worked for me with no issues. Thank you for working on this module, I appreciate the effort.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (0.98) ****

With HTTP::BrowserDetect I determine wether the client is on a windows machine. I need this for switching the newlines when there are file downloads.

I never had any problems with it.

In the documentation I personally would prefer to see

print $browser->ie();

instead of

print $browser->ie;