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HTML-WikiConverter (0.63) *****

Works almost perfectly, used it to convert a huge document base to a MediaWiki site

HTML-WikiConverter (0.50) *****

This module comes with a well written documentation and easy-to-use API, and the author was really quick to responde for patches and suggestions I sent. Nice work.

HTML-WikiConverter (0.23) ****

It took me exactly 5 minutes to convert a HTML page to MediaWiki format using this excellent module. My only problem with this is that it converted Bolds and Italics to ''' and '' instead of <b> and <i>, which MediaWiki also support. I'd rather it had an option to use these kind of markups instead.

It's still a great module.

HTML-WikiConverter (0.16) ****

Almost usable to convert a entire webtree to wiki now.
The mediawiki dialect is getting better and better, the phpwiki dialect is also almost done.