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HTML-Template-Pluggable (0.17) ****

I am finding this module invaluable for building medium sized websites - at least if you start from liking HTML::Template. I have to grumble however that I have found myself having to debug my way through it. I cannot pin point exactly what is going on here however. When I have discovered the problem, I have gone back to the documentation and found the issues explained quite adequately. So I suppose that that I simply found some of the conventions counter intuitive. Also a lot of the code is monolithic and poorly formatted - I think I must have spent half an hour working with one piece of code before I realized it was actually commented out. The most frustrating thing is that the "query" function has not been updated to keep up with the rest of the module. Because the "query" function had the old semantics and makes no allowance for the new conventions, was the reason I ended up needing to know the internals of these two modules.

HTML-Template-Pluggable (0.12) ****

HTML::Template::Pluggable bring extensibility to HTML::Template that should allow for more compatible extensions.

HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot adds support for Template Toolkit's dot notation, taking a way a major reason why HTML::Template users make the switch.

The project is not done yet, though-- some more hooks need to be added to complete the plugin system.

The interface is easy to use, and already has attracted third-party support for two different CGI::Application plugins for even easier integration.

( disclaimer: I contributed some to this project although I think Rhesa has done most of the work. )