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HTML-Table (2.08a) *****

I have also found this module indispensable, both when dumping row-arrays to html, and generating tables from a highly customised processing loop.

On the easy side, I love that the constructor can take the entire table data (-data => \@) straight from DBI::selectall_arrayref.

HTML-Table (2.07b) ****

Useful stuff - makes simple report scripts a lot cleaner and quicker to write.

The only thing I don't like is the un-Perlish camelCased method names - I'd much prefer to write, e.g., $table->add_row(...) - but that's not enough to put me off :)

HTML-Table (2.02) ****

a massive help on my last project. the sort method is invaluable.

HTML-Table (2.02) *****

One of my favorite modules, period.

HTML-Table (1.18a) ****

simply the easiest way to produce html tables.
use this in combination with or,

warning: rows and columns are counted from 1, not 0;
when x- and y-coordinates have to be specified, the
order is y,x not x,y.