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HTML-Parser (3.62) *****

Sir, you rock. HTML::Entities saved me a lot of effort and aggravation.
Best regards and thanks for your service to the OSS community.

HTML-Parser (3.60) *****

It works. What more can you say. Sane APIs. Useful functionality. HTML::LinkExtor is an especially useful tool for folk having to munge HTML. Very nice.

HTML-Parser (3.60) *****

Simple, easy to use, and it works.

HTML-Parser (3.56) *****

I needed to strip tags from a lot of small HTML documents leaving only a small subset of tags behind and after experimenting with a few CPAN modules I found out that HTML::PullParser is small and fast enough to do the job. Interface is small and clean. And it works very good. I like it and will use it in the future.

HTML::LinkExtor / HTML-Parser (3.36) ****

I needed to download images from a web page, and used HTML::LinkExtor (part of HTML-Parser) to extract the image src links (based on an example on the module POD!).

It took me more time to download the images (lots of them on the page) then to write the code!

(A couple of things aren't clear in the documentation, such as whether the attribute hash for the callback is case-sensitive, or if only link attributes are extracted; fortunately for my immediate needs this was not an issue, but it should be explicitly documented.)

HTML-Parser (3.36) *****

Excellent, fast! Not only suitable for HTML, but even for SGML or XML.
Especially for filtering, where e.g. the DTD and entity declarations
need to be copied verbatim.

HTML-Parser (3.36) *****

A module that stands out as excellent. We have come to expect no less from Gisle.

HTML-Parser (3.30) *****

A CPAN standard.