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HTML-Laundry (0.0107)

This module is similar to HTML::Scrubber and HTML::Restrict in that it's based on HTML::Parser, and it produces very similar results to the other two modules.

It differs from HTML::Restrict in having a list of default tags and attributes, and also the attributes allowed and restricted are not specific to each tag, but are global for all HTML tags.

When I used it there seemed to be some problems with character text, which I reported here:

Other than that, the module worked well. The startup time is comparable to HTML::Scrubber and faster than HTML::Restrict.

Unlike HTML::Scrubber and HTML::Restrict, the module seems to be restricted to XHTML output only.

The documentation for this module suggests that it is specifically for HTML snippets, but both HTML::Restrict and HTML::Scrubber work perfectly well for snippets too, and this works perfectly well for full pages of HTML, so I'm not sure what the intention was.

If you need XHTML, this module might be preferable, on the other hand if you don't need XHTML I suggest using HTML::Scrubber or HTML::Restrict.

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