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HTML-GenToc (3.00) ***

* detects headings with the same name and won't generate conflicting links

* the anchor name generation algorithm takes as little as possible from the heading to make a name. "On installing Perl" will become just <a name="on">. This is bad usability and SEO.
* even if you use the to_string => 1 option, there's still output to STDOUT. In the context of a web application, this ruins things badly (I was trying to use HTML::GenToc to add a TOC plugin to the MojoMojo wiki).

HTML-GenToc (2.10) *****

This module installs with a very handy tool called "hypertoc", which is useful for generating automatic Table of Contents for HTML files. It makes a nice complement to the "podtohtml" utility (Not be be confused with pod2html). PodtoHtml does a good job of processing whole directories of files, but the resulting pages don't include their own Table of Contents pages. It's easy to add them with hypertoc:

find /doc/output/dir -name '*.html' -exec hypertoc --gen_anchors --gen_toc --overwrite --inline {} \;