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HTML-FillInForm (2.00) ****

Excellent way to pre-fill forms when doing usable error handling in forms.

Thanks for adding the "id" attribute support to form tags.

HTML-FillInForm (1.06) *****

A handy tool I use for every form-based project. Not having to clutter HTML up with code to do all of the filling in makes for a cleaner template and saves on development time.

HTML-FillInForm (1.06) *****

HTML::FillInForm is a huge time saver for form refilling. It's a key part of the CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM for form validation and re-display.

I give the interface and and ease-of-use some points off because there are simple things to do make it easier to use. In part of because of these weaknesses, the DWIM functionality has been duplicated in plugins for CGI::App and Catalyst which use it.

I explain the details of that here: