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GDS2 (3.35) *****

I should have been writing this rating for a long time.

This is unique tool that converts description of layout into GDS format and it makes my project moving forward successfully.

This tool can work with very large amount of datas.

Ken is very nice person and gave me much help in bring up it successfully. With his help and clear document, even an hardward engineer who had little software experience can make it valid.

There are two points that I want to mention here that may help newcomers.
First, the data description MUST be orthogonal.
Second,AREF usage is a bit of complicate. I put an example here .
$gds2File -> printAref(

-name=>string, ## Name of structure

-columns=>#, ## Default is 1

-rows=>#, ## Default is 1

-xy=>\@array, ## ref to array of reals

# -or-

-xyInt=>\@array, ## ref to array of internal ints (optional -wks better if you are modifying an existing GDS2 file)

-angle=>#.#, ## (optional) Default is 0.0

-mag=>#.#, ## (optional) Default is 1.0

-reflect=>0|1 ## (optional)



best not to specify angle or mag if not needed

xyList: 1st coord: origin, 2nd coord: X of col * xSpacing + origin, 3rd coord: Y of row * ySpacing + origin

Thanks Ken for this very good job!!!

GDS2 (3.00) ****

Works great out of the box on my test cases.