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Filesys-Notify-Simple (0.12) ****

It's rather unfortunate that currently the choice for general purpose cross-platform filesystem notification modules on CPAN falls between this module (FNS) or File::ChangeNotify (F::CN). The other CPAN modules are either OS-/framework-specific.

FNS has a simple API but is perhaps too simple for some uses, while F::CN uses Moose and has a big startup overhead.

If you simply want to check from time to time whether a change has occured, you need to wrap the wait() method with alarm(). And I found on my Linux PC that I need a timeout of at least 3 seconds for this to work reliably.

Filesys-Notify-Simple (0.07) *****

Was able to get it working properly in my code in just a few minutes, and works great on its own or with Mac::FSEvents.