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File-Slurp-Unicode (0.7.1) *

Distribution, Interface, Ease of Use is a five stars
Overall, a single star.

Why use 5.10 features to fix a problem that a lot of 5.8 users still have? Is it just to be able to use '//' ?

In any case the code still contains the following, twice!:

({encoding}||'') eq 'binary';

There is so little code in the module that a 'defined' or two wouldn't have hurt much.

This module would have been used by many judging by the File::Slurp users problems with lack of encoding support (File::Slurp author had time to write a nice (and I mean it) extras/slurp_article.pod but seems to be a salt statue when it comes to fix the years old encoding problem (which the said users have provided patches for))

I'd be very happy if all used perl > 5.10 but in this case it is plain ridiculous.