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File-Slurp-Tiny (0.003)

Use the newer File::Slurper instead, which has a clearer API (e.g. text vs binary, array/lines vs string) and encoding default. It's arguably "saner" than File::Slurp and File::Slurp::Tiny.

File-Slurp-Tiny (0.003)

More effort needs to be made with regards to documentation, especially for File::Slurp users looking for alternatives. Why is this module needed? What are the differences with File::Slurp? How do the functions behave on I/O errors (since err_mode option is not supported)?

File-Slurp-Tiny (0.003) **

Supposedly this was written to be faster and fix some api niggles in the venerable File::Slurp. But the documentation doesn't even mention any of this. And it doesn't even try to maintain any compatibility with the majority of the File::Slurp api that was perfectly fine. So I'll stick with the original File::Slurp for ease of use over the minor performance gain and annoying api changes of this one.