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File-ShareDir (1.102) *****

This really is one of the unsung heroes of CPAN. Does exactly what it says in a very straightforward way. Now that people are moving towards distributing apps in CPAN-like dists, this module makes it very easy to deal with things like data files, images, JavaScript, etc. that needs to be associated with your distribution. Just drop it in the auto dir and File::ShareDir will be able to find it when the module is installed. Works great with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ShareDir as well.

File-ShareDir (1.03)

(Review removed, I no longer use this module.)

File-ShareDir (0.05) ****

THe only reason it's not all 5s is that I just haven't used it yet. But this module, coupled with M::I::Share is exactly what I want to accomplish for splitting a CPAN dist into it's dist-static parts and local user overridable parts in terms of static css/js files, templates and other non-image files.