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File-ReadSimple (1.0) *

Bad code. Bad docs. Bad idea. Don't use this module.

File-ReadSimple (1.0) *

Um. wow. err. jeeze.

I think the other reviews manage to pretty much cover all the things i would say about this module.

Only thing left is that if i was to ever come across someone actually using this, even in jest, i believe i'd have to give them such a severe LARTing i'd probably get in major trouble for it.

File-ReadSimple (1.0) *

Do not use this. It is not for "no so good programmers" it is for writting "not so good programs." Its interface is not really any simpler than the core Perl interface for files. Worse, even though it requires 5.6, it uses antique global filehandles, to make it easier to introduce bugs.

File-ReadSimple (1.0) *

Dude, put your hands in the air and step slowly away from the keyboard..

The documentation is badly formatted, with no idea of how the functions works.

The module exports functions into the namespace rather than using export_ok to optionally pollute the namespace.

There are far better modules and ways to solve the problems this module is designed for - please use them rather than this.

File-ReadSimple (1.0) *

To be honest I just can't see the point of this, dealing with files is not that difficult that five minutes with the perlopentut manpage couldn't sort any of the things that this module does. There are also no meaningful tests and the documentation is laid out appallingly.