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File-Monitor (1.00)

File::Monitor __works in shared filesystem environment__ in which changes can be made by many different compute nodes (or the head node). I tested File::Monitor by running the monitor on the head node and making changes using a different node.

This is in stark contrast to Inotify-based modules and even Perl 6's notifications of file system changes ( which only work if changes are made by the same system on which the monitoring process is running.

Anyway, I'm so happy to find this module. Once I get to know it better, I will commit to a "star rating". I expect and hope it will be five stars.

File-Monitor (0.10) *****

Works as advertised and is easy to use. I used Storable to persist the monitor object for reuse from a cron job. CPAN saves the day, turning 60 lines of code into 15.