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File-HomeDir (0.80) *****

Makes a whole bunch of platform specific code just go away. Trez useful.

File-HomeDir (0.64) *****

This has gone a very long way to making a lot of my code more portable. I've very often seen people (including Younger Me) use $HOME or getpwent blindly, leaving Windows or VMS users out in the cold. With this module, it's really easy to keep things Just Working.

File-HomeDir (0.58) *****

Provides locations of currently logged-in, or any other user's, home- and personal-directories, and thus removes the need for multiple-layers of checking in my own code. Simple interface and clear docs.

As yet, no interface for user "desktop" directories (it has been promised), but still a most welcome addition.

File-HomeDir (0.57) *****

I really like the idea of this module (a platform-independent means of identifying the home directory), and don't understand why this functionality wasn't added to something like File::Spec.

This new version supposedly fixes the Windows bugs from v0.06, so there should be no reason for people to roll their own home directory code. (I no longer use Windows, so I cannot test the quirks in this.)

I particularly like how the newer version adds support for "my_documents" type folders. I hope to see future versions interoperate with File::Temp and File::Basedir.

File-HomeDir (0.52)

(Response from this modules new maintainer.)

The below review for 0.06 no longer applies as this module has been rewritten from scratch since being taken over and does correctly support Windows + Mac OS X + Unix. (and adds newer cooler functionality to boot)