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File-Finder (0.53) **

This module rates high on most counts.

Except it has a three years old outstanding bug report (with attached fix) that it doesn't install on Windows.

So on average: 2

File-Finder (0.53) ****

This is a superior interface to File::Find because it allows a more natural expression of what you want to do. I have used it and recommend it. It is not perfect because of the underlying architecture of File::Find, which does a 'stat' and runs a subroutine for every file and every directory involved. For large numbers of files or when performance matters, you can sometimes do much better by using 'glob' or 'readdir' to read the list of files. Perhaps if the "SPEED" section of the documentation was further updated to recommend when *not* to use, I would give this the full five stars. For any non-performance-critical task, I recommend it!
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