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File-Find-Wanted (1.00) ****

File::Find lacks the "making easy things easy" part, so modules like this are great. A further step would be an option to omit $wanted for even simpler cases, but that would probably break the interface. Another alternative is File::Finder, but it forces OO style.

File-Find-Wanted (1.00) *****

Works great!

The Synopsis is clear enough that I was able to use this several years ago as a Perl neophyte, despite not knowing what a callback was.

As Andy mentions in the Synopsis, if you really do need a set of complex rules to identify the files you want, check out File::Find::Rule. However, nine times out of ten, you probably don't need anything more than the ease and simplicity of File::Find::Wanted.

File-Find-Wanted (0.01) **

Yet another attempt to simplify File::Find that almost succeeds. I also dislike the interface of File::Find. This module does what its name advertises name but I would have like to see a module that:

1/ Returns files in directories. No sub, no filter, no wanted.

2/ takes the options, if any, as named arguments.

3/ that have options, if any, closely matching "find" so we don't need to learn yet another api

4/ Let Perl be Perl:
@wanted_files = map{ -f && /\.c$/} find(@directories) ;

I'm looking forward to version 0.02