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File-Find-Rule (0.33) *****

This is a wonderful module. It's easy to use (for people who are reasonably familiar with the un*x find command) and the documentation is extremely helpful.

File-Find-Rule (0.32) *****

A clean and simple way to describe a set of files you're interested in, and get a list of them. Way nicer to use than File::Find.

The price for this simplicity is that the module chugs away constructing the entire list of files first, before you can then work with them. Fine on a reasonably small set of files, but if you're going to be working with a lot of files, this can be a pain.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) *****

This is a great package that's saved me numerous hours of work!

File-Find-Rule (0.30) *****

File::Find::Rule has just saved me a load of hassle, allowing me to find the right files quickly and with concise clear code.

It rocks.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) ***

This is a huge, massive, major improvement over the interface of File::Find. I use it all the time. My only real qualm, and it's a big one, is that it doesn't provide an iterator. Instead, it does all the searching and returns a big result. For large searches, this can be a real drag.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) **

Yes the interface/docs are very well done. But why hasn't anyone mentioned that this thing goes over your ENTIRE FILE TREE before it returns anything? Not suitable for so many projects that have large numbers of files.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) ****

file::find done right!

File-Find-Rule (0.30) *****

Excellent idea with an excellent execution, excellently documented. Directory traversal code using File::Find::Rule documents intent far more clearly that equivalent File::Find callback code ever could. And true to “easy things should be easy,” code for the simplest use (accumulate matches in an array) is trivial.

File-Find-Rule (0.28) *****

Amazingly simplifies the process of writing File::Find oriented scripts. Well written docs as well. Couldn't ask for more. I almost forgot about the event hook mechanism that works properly.

File-Find-Rule (0.28) *****

I have always used File::Find and found it quite easy to use. But I must say that my first attempt at using File::Find::Rule has convinced me!

It is really easy to use and very powerful too.

It took me 3 lines to emulate quite closely how grep looks for file!

File-Find-Rule (0.20) *****

Does the job and doesn't suck. Excellent module.

File-Find-Rule (0.11) *****

F:F:R is a great example of TMTOWTDI. In those times where you're tired of rewriting the same old File::Find callbacks, it's good to have File::Find::Rule in your arsenal.

File-Find-Rule (0.11) *****

Since it's creation I've used Find::File::Rule in just about every script I've written. Gets the job done in a few easy steps. The extensions available just make it even more shiny :)

File::Find::Rule / File-Find-Rule (0.10) *****

One of the most accessible and useful modules out there. If you need files found, then this the module for you!

File-Find-Rule (0.20_03) ****

I like File::Find::Rule. The interface to File::Find is a little nasty, and this simplifies my life so much. I use it all the time and it rocks.