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File-Dircmp (1.30)

The module seems to work correctly. The documentation is unformatted:

One of the documented parameters for the sole function, dircmp, $diff, is read into a global variable:

but a quick search will show that g_d is ignored. It says that is a "TODO" in the documentation, but since the last release was in 2004, it looks unlikely to ever be implemented.

The output is a lot of strings like this:

"Files /home/ben/lemoda/deploy-current/go/gzip-handler/index.html and /home/ben/lemoda/deploy-previous/go/gzip-handler/index.html differ"

I don't understand why it outputs strings like this, rather than some kind of parsed format.

The module does not seem to attempt to go into directories which are only in one directory but not the other, similar to the Unix diff command.

People considering what module to use might want to also consider using File::DirCompare:

It seems more useable since it relies on a callback function rather than producing a lot of formatted strings.