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ExtUtils-ParseXS (3.35)

Doesn't accept bugreports.
Broken visibility for -flto=thin (link time optimization) and solaris,
fixed in cperl since Nov 2016.
The CPAN release misses the 3 xs pods.
do_open() broken under C++, fixed in cperl since Nov 2016.

ExtUtils-ParseXS (2.2206)

This module's documentation is pretty interesting. First of all, the only meaningful function which it documents is "process_xs", and yet no such function exists in the module. This is followed by a list of "named parameters" such as this:

Adds extern "C" to the C code. Default is false.

Yeah, and actually looking at the source code we find:

# 'C++' => 0, # Doesn't seem to *do* anything...

Pity the fool who trusts this documentation.

Finally, the coup de grace is delivered by this:

I have no clue what this does. Strips function prefixes?

Fortunately or not, in fact "s" doesn't even exist in the module any more.

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