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Exporter-Lite (0.06)

Mostly unnecessary. The main premise of this module is that you don't need to inherit to use it. But you also can use Exporter (a core module, BTW) without inherinting it:

use Exporter qw(import);

Exporter-Lite (0.02)

2011-10-04: I am now using Exporter::Lite exclusively instead of Exporter. Got bit once by Exporter when using for an OO module due to clash of assigning to @ISA vs 'use base'. +1 for putting it into core.

EDIT 2012-08-08: Nowadays I revert back to Exporter most of the time because Exporter is core. To avoid @ISA issue, one simply needs to import import() instead setting @ISA:

use Exporter qw(import);