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Email-Simple (2.002) *****

Great to see Perl's e-mail handling getting a work-over: a nicely, clearly defined series of objects, with an fairly intuitive API, makes the everyday tasks of reading, processing, composing, posting mail a lot more pleasurable.


Email-Simple (1.92) ****

It's email! It's simple! What more could you want? Well, sometimes it seems a bit too simple, since you need to use other modules to add MIME support or a constructor, but in the end that simplicity is surely what helped make it easy to write, test, and promulgate.

If you're handling mail, this is the way to go.

Email::Simple / Email-Simple (1.9) *****

Email::Simple is as the name describes: a simple way to do email.
I personally find RFC822-style metadata (name: value pairs) to be
a very useful way to store and manage data, so I use it for much
more than simply email; therefore, I find myself using Email::Simple
for many things that have nothing to do with email. The
straight-forward interface that Email::Simple provides, along with
its speed and flexibility, means that I don't need to do anything
silly to use this module for things other than email. When
combined with File::Slurp, parsing email-ish files can be done in
a single statement.

Email-Simple (1.6) *****

At last! An email parsing module that is simple to use and doesn't need 3 million modules to do its work.

The docs are great, simply from there not needing to be that much. The module itself works well and has a sane API. It's great.