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Email-MIME (1.82) *****

Version: 1.863

I spent an hour trying to get MIME::Parser(5.427) to just extract an attachment to disk. I never could figure out the API. But, in 2 minutes I was able to get it all done with Email::MIME(1.863).

use Path::Class qw{file dir};
use Email::MIME;
my $message = do {local $/; <>};
my $email = Email::MIME->new($message);

foreach my $part ($email->parts) {

if ($part->filename) {

my $file=file($part->filename); #isa Path::Class::File object

my $fh=$file->openw;

print $fh $part->body;


Thanks for the nice Interface!

Email-MIME (1.910) *****

Very nice module to create multipart emails. Used together with Email::Sender become a full-featured and also easy to use way to create and send e-mails, multipart or not, using a variety of transports.

Email-MIME (1.863) *****

Easier and faster, as advertised. Thank you. I can think of a lot of internet projects that need this sort of effort.

Email-MIME (1.82) *****

Works nicely with multipart Emails.
Saved me a lot of time when customer changed SMTP to newer Exchange.
It was almost in place replacement for our code writen 5 years ago.