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EasyTool (1.0.4) *

A buggy duplicate of a dozen modules.

EasyTool (1.0.4) *

I would consider this module harmful. I looked at the code expecting that these functions all called the appropriate modules for the task. Unfortunately, everything is written from scratch and contains the usual "I haven't thought about this for more than 5 minutes" varieties of bugs. The CSV parser is just wrong, for example.

I'm sorry that the author had to waste his time writing all of these functions. All of them are available in modules like DateTime, Text::CSV, etc. The difference is that those modules handle (and have tests) for the various corner-cases you're likely to encounter once in a while. Reinventing the wheel sucks -- what looks simple never is.

EasyTool (1.0.4) *

Simply put, CPAN is not the bin bucket.We already have more than enough good modules ideas with bad quality or documentation. This kind of "nohead-notail" module belongs somewhere else.

EasyTool (1.0.4) **

I think that many, if not most, Perl programmers have modules like this: a bunch of random-ish routines that do Useful Stuff. I view these as a forgivable weakness more than a good design pattern, and it seems to me that propagating the pattern on the CPAN, in a top-level namespace is a bad idea. Potential users are better off finding the modules that implement, better, the handy tools they need.

The lack of an exporter and the mishmash of tools will make this module something of an albatross.