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EBook-MOBI (0.7) ****

MOBI is not the easiest EBook format to use. It has a limit on the size of attached graphics, so that means you need to downsize any document images, and have the Imlib2 software installed to do this. I find ePub a much easier format to work with.

But if you need to create eBooks in this format, then this is a useful module. It works best at converting POD to MOBI format, but is flexible enough to let you add HTML elements individually such as headers and paragraph blocks. Boris is active in responding to bugs and feature requests.

EBook-MOBI (0.53)

Reply to the review of Justin Case:

You got some valid points.

This is why there is _now_ a plugin system since version 0.5.
However there is still just the plugin for POD. Plugin authors for other formats are higly welcome!
But if you read the docs, you will see, that you can also add text very simple in a HTML-style markup. So there was a basic method to create books very easily from the beginning of this modules live. (Which was not possible at alle at CPAN before this module)

To the aspect of reading the mobi format: Patches are highly welcome!
Since for me it makes just sense to _write_ a book with Perl and _read_ it with my eyes I had no need for this feature. Also that the format is closed source does not make it very easy to code access to the format.

Your rating of one star is not fair at all I think, even with your valid points. This is a single man project until now, and it is used with very good results (see perlybook.org). If you consider the points which count for rating (Docs, Interface, Ease of Use) I think there should be much more than one star!

Considering the issue with the namespace: There is still "EBook::Mobipocket" available if somebody needs a name... And if there is a good module that ships everything along, I have no problem changing the name of this one.

EBook-MOBI (0.1) *

Very misleading name. You would expect this to read/write MOBI files. Instead, it only converts Pod to MOBI. So it should be named something like Pod::Mobi or Pod::To::Mobi, following existing examples of other Pod converters.