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Devel-SimpleTrace (0.08) *****

This is really useful for tracking down the cause of exceptions.

I use it all the time with failing test cases.

Devel-SimpleTrace (0.07) *****

Just used this on a tip from #catalyst when was throwing errors in my Catalyst app. After hours spent trying to track down the bug, used this module as documented, saw Memcached was the one dieing and saw the real issue. A++++ would cpanm again!
Now part of my permanent toolkit.

Devel-SimpleTrace (0.06) ***

The easy benefit this module offers is providing a backtrace with filenames and line numbers when your code warns or dies in an eval block.

However the current API is only suitable for development work in many cases, because it globally overrides the 'warn' and 'die' signal handlers.

A more production-compatible solution can be accomplished with the Carp module, and localized handlers like this:

use Carp;


local $SIG{__DIE__} = \&confess;

eval { ... }

Unless you really prefer how this module formats the output, I recommend the safer syntax of Carp above.

Devel-SimpleTrace (0.06) *****

This is the professional version of Acme::JavaTrace.
A simple and powerful tool that every Perl programmer should have in their toolbox.