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Data-Uniqid (0.12) *****

This module creates a unique id by printing a base 62 version of the time and the process number, and the hostname if you want a globally unique ID.

I've been using this to generate about 300 IDs a day on a public-facing web service for about six years. I have not had any problems with it. I require IDs which are unique to my pages only, not globally unique.

Data-Uniqid (0.11) **

A simple module for basic GUID/UUID needs, which also comes with a handy base62 output, but not updated in a long while.

If you need some serious UUID foo, check out the documentation of Data::UUID and use Data::GUID (which RJBS plans to replace UUID with).

Data-Uniqid (0.11) *****

nice, simple, easy to use

thanks so much for this module

I've used this on many occaisions now and it's always help keep things 'unique'