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Data-Page (2.00) *****

As the author notes this is a very simple module. However, I am certainly one of the people who have written this code over and over so am extremely pleased to have found a module that will do all the work for me :)

Data-Page (2.00) *****

This module is great. It is simple to use and does the task perfectly. Saves me from writing some common code all the time, and allows me to format my paging the way I would like.

Data-Page (1.01) *****

It's always great to find exactly what I need to avoid doing work.

Data-Page (1.01) *****

This is my favorite paging module. Before I found it, I had rolled my own, and tried to use HTML::Pager a few times. Realize that most of the time, you probably want to use "Data::Pageset", a sub-class which handles the notion of dealing with groups of pages. At first I thought the module was "too simple". Once I tried it, I found the level of functionality it provided was "just right".

Data-Page (2.00) ***

Given a list of items, the number of items per page, and a page number, this module only manages where the starting item number is, and it gives you an array slice for that page.

Understandably, it doesn't manage how to view the pages since they can be implemented via Tk, HTML/CGI, console, etc.

However, more functions to handle paging would be good. Such as a goto function to go to a particular page (page n, previous page, next page, etc.).

Without such functions, you still need to keep track of the page number, and to recreate the object for each page. So it has a limited usefulness.
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