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Data-FormValidator (3.62) *****

DFV helps me to keep the controller part in MVC web apps kiss and maintainable. Perhaps the module name is misleading, you can also
use it to validate config files, etc. ...

Hey Mark, thanks for this excellent piece of software.

Charly Gaissmaier
University of Ulm, Germany, Service Group Network

Data-FormValidator (3.59) *****

If you write CGI applications in perl, this tool is a MUST. It alleviates the need to write tedious and complex validation routines for each and every form in your app. All you have to do is set up a profile based on your form and your needs ( it is just a hash ), then call the validation function and *poof*. It is very flexible.

I have tried other validation packages ( not naming any names ), but all were lacking and not all that flexible. This tool seems to have addressed all my needs in one shot.

Nice clean and stable code base. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Daren Eason
Lead Consultant, Unixtamer consulting

Data-FormValidator (3.14) *****

This module has provided my clients with more secure web applications and saved me hours of extra effort in building custom validation routines. It is easy to use and easy to customise. Initially, I was turned off at having to setup profiles for each form; now, though, I find these profiles very helpful in being sure that my scripts are properly handling each field on the form. The integration with CGI::Application (via CGI::Application:ValidateRM) makes it even easier to integrate with my applications based on CGI::Application.

Data-FormValidator (3.12) *****

Very handy module, nice interfaces, excellent docs and tutorials.

Data::FormValidator / Data-FormValidator (3.12) *****

Disclaimer: I maintain this module. I find it's the best choice for validating forms, especially on the web. It's well suited for form validation jobs from simple to complex.