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Data-Dump (1.08) *****

I've envied Ruby users which can use just "p" to print out data structures instead of us which used to have to do 'use Data::Dumper; print Dumper(...);'. And even then there's this '$VAR1 = ' garbage which 99% of the time is not wanted. Which often makes me wonder, shouldn't P in Perl stand for Practical?

With Data::Dump we're still a bit behind but closer. One rant is the with the doc: the pp() function should perhaps be advertised more prominently, since I suspect that's what most users want most of the time.

Data-Dump (1.08) *****

A worth successor to Data::Dumper.

Where "warn Dumper(\@a)" would produce a list like this:

$VAR1 = 1;

$VAR2 = [




$VAR3 = {

'4' => 5


With this module, you could write just "pp(\@)" and get a much
tidier result:

(1, [2, 3], { 4 => 5 })

And while Data::Dumper::Names is nice, it requires Perl 5.8.2. This module requires just 5.6, making it likely it work on nearly all Perl installations you encounter.

(To respond to David Garamond's rating: the "dump" and "pp" commands are the same. Also, I've submitted a patch to improve the docs).

Data-Dump (1.08) *****

I don't know how a such a venerable module like Data::Dumper continues to get this stuff so wrong. It seems this module is a pretty darn good idea.

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