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Dancer2 (0.205002) *****

Found it easy to bring up a RESTful API in no time with Dancer.

Dancer2 (0.161000) *****

I've found Dancer2 to be an excellent, fast framework.
I've tried a few other frameworks, from other languages. Some have so many dependencies it's amazing they even compile. Others try to mould you into the frameworks way of doing things whilst not supporting some of the amazingly cool features of Dancer (regrex route mappings, hello!!).
People I work with think I'm a Wizard or Magician, because of the applications I produce, but I'm not. It's because of tools like Dancer.
And database integration is as easy as with Perl, since you just install the module and start using it.
So 5 stars from me, a great framework.

Dancer2 (0.159001) *****

It's very small and easy to use.