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Dancer (1.3118) *****

I'm a minimalist and Dancer is just what I want. I've begun to switch my existing applications to Dancer. I have cobbled together an application structure that works similarly, but Dancer is much, much nicer. They thought of things I hadn't. I've been able to move a lot of my existing model files with very little change or no changes.

I'll be using Dancer for any new web applications.


Dancer (1.3112) *****

I had been a bit sceptical about MVC frameworks, until trying Dancer.

The bigest plus aside from its ease of use is its very small module dep list.

I love the perl community, but when it comes to deploying perl application module deps can be a problem on servers you don't control.
Dancer is just so simple and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a light weight simple easy to use MVC framework, give Dancer a try.

Dancer (1.9999_02) ****

The new moo-ish Dancer 2 is about ready to come to CPAN (from github). There is already a developer version (1.99xx). I looked a bit into it, suggested some documentation patches, but can't say exactly how much of an improvement it will be over Dancer 1. Seems that it will be much easier to deploy multiple Dancer 2 applications.

Dancer community is still great, although development is slower these days than it used to be.

What I appreciate most about Dancer is that a) the Community is friendly, welcoming and big enough to respond quickly and b) that the Dancer folks produce clean, readable, undogmatically modern (in one word: excellent) perl code. (Dancer2 still has a little to go in this respect, but it's getting there.)

I follow Dancer 2 development mainly to learn more about perl and the Dancer people continually come up with new stuff that I did not yet know about.

Dancer2 continues to make small to medium-size webapps a breeze.

Dancer (1.3093) *****

Web development is fun again thanks to Dancer. I spend less time breaking things and more time solving problems. More time getting to the fun part of coding.

In the past year, I've worked on three major projects using Dancer.

Things I love about working with Dancer: flexible route declarations, fast unit testing, deployment environments (development/test/production), and a healthy and growing collection of useful Dancer Plugins as well as all of the Plack/PSGI plugins.

There are other frameworks out there: Mojolicious, Catalyst, and all the rest. A different framework may work better for you. Personally, I found that Dancer fit my brain and code the best. Do your own research and use what's best for you and your projects.

Dancer (1.3071) *****

Dancer web framework is all about making simple things fun, and complex things possible. If you're into web development, make sure not to skip Dancer!

Dancer's core set of primitives (DSL) is deliberately kept small to facilitate faster learning curve. But, don't underestimate it, because it's still powerful enough to make development of small and medium size web applications a breeze. Any moment you're ready, you can unleash full power of numerous additional plugins and create some amazing stuff on the web, with very little time invested. Oh.. and have lots of fun along the way!

The team behind the project is very friendly and willing to help beginners to get up to speed. That's enough by itself to secure a very bright future for Dancer web framework.

Dancer (1.3071) *****

To preface the opinion I'm about to express, you should know that although I have experience doing web development using the frameworks CGI::Application, HTML::Mason and Catalyst - I haven't done any "day jobs" using Dancer.

However, I've started playing with Dancer for my hobby projects. Other than some little quirks with settings and templates (1.3051), the words that come to mind are "quick", "small", "simple" and "clean". There's a close alignment of the packages and methods with the concepts one has in mind when doing web development.

Formerly a Perl teacher, I never taught web development to the first-year students because the learning curve would have been too steep. I think Dancer has changed the game and beginners *can* learn Perl web development using Dancer. (We'll find out at the beginner's class I'm giving at YAPC in Riga:)

Dancer (1.3070) *****

Dancer is incredibly easy to learn, yet very powerful. Dancer is THE fastest way to develop web applications, hands down.

Keep up the good work. I'm building my next large scale REST backend with Dancer!

Dancer (1.3070) ****

I've used Dancer to build simple web apps and I found it to be light, simple, flexible, and easy to deploy.

The docs are pretty good and the community is welcoming and very helpful.

I did hit a bug or two, but once reported these were fixed very quickly.

Dancer (1.3070) *

This smells like a big publicity stunt, those blog posts are just too much.

Anyway, i've only tried Dancer once, and it was a lot less powerful than Catalyst.
Can't recommend it for serious projects.

Dancer (1.3070) *

I don't like all this attention seeking behavior.
You should really spend more time improving your software than to rant on a blog.

Dancer (1.3070) *

Don't know what all the fuzz is about, nothing special about this at all.
Especially the documentation is pretty horrible.

Dancer (1.3070) *****

Please stops bashing Dancer if you didn't event use it !!!

Dancer is not Moose, because Dancer wants less dependencies as possible.
The Dancer core team use Moose, members even wrote a book with Moose apology chapter.

If you don't love Dancer for GOOD reasons, please tell them here otherwise please stops pollute CPAN Ratings, this is not a good place for anti marketing, for team developer politics and other bullshits !

I didn't code with Perl 2 last years, I discovered Dancer this month et woahhh.
It reconciled me with the web, really.
Fast, simple, powerful, stable, well documented.

Great works guys !

Dancer (1.3070) *

Not "Modern Perl", author ignores all the best practices that have been established in recent years.
Doesn't even use Moose... hello... the 90s called, they want their Perl back!

Dancer (1.3070) *****

Excellent bit of work by the Dancer team. Top class documentation, excellent support via irc/mailing lists and a very easy to use module.

Dancer (1.3070) *

Does almost nothing, you could just as well use Plack on its own.
ame for most plugins, they tend to just add more bloat to the DSL and no real value.

Dancer (1.3070) *****

Obviously faked.

SuShee isn't Su-Shee and I have absolutely nothing against Dancer.

Dancer (1.3070) *****

The negative comments below are fake, see for more information.

Dancer (1.3060) *****

YAWF (Yet Another Web Framework), but looks promising so far.

I like Catalyst, but also find it rather bloated and overkill for small web apps, and to some degree feel like it forces me to code "the Catalyst way".

Dancer, on the other hand, strikes me as a smaller, easier framework, to which I can hand over drudgery, but maintain control and write my own code, my way.

Friendly, responsive and approachable developers also instils confidence in this project.

I think Dancer will be my future first choice for smaller webapp projects.

[EDIT: For disclosure, I'm now part of the Dancer core dev team; at the time of writing this review I was not, I was just an interested user; since then, I started contributing, and became a member of the team. I decided I should leave the comment as it stands, but add this disclosure to explain.]
[EDIT 2: editing the review has changed the datestamp to today's date. For reference, the original review was posted 2010-02-10 07:35:39]

Dancer (1.3011) ****

DANCER is a great DSL Framework, I love it (TM), easy to use, clear from the structure, I'll say it again "I love it (TM)".I hope it keeps developing, and its philosophy remains true.

Dancer (1.1904) *****

It's fast! It's simple! It's minimalistic! I realy like it! Thanks.

Dancer (1.1811) *****

Got my webservice up and running in 1 day with no knowledge about Dancer whatsover. Documentation contains very minor mistakes, but that's all.

Dancer is excellent for middle size websites or web services. It doesn't get in your way, and supports a hell lot of backend for deploying and running your application.

The transition from developping a prototype to having a production ready app is very smooth.

Dancer (1.1805) *****

I like how dancer doesn't force you to code in any specific way, it provides the right amount of syntactic sugar to get your app up and running in double quick time - but doesn't get in the way when you want to do something else.

It's nice and light, and can be deployed in many environments. Thumbs up from me!

Dancer (1.171) *****

Dancer is a breath of fresh air in the convoluted world of Perl web frameworks. I have a lot vested in CGI::Application, another fine framework, but Dancer has really caught my fancy for future web apps.
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