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DP-Perl (0.101) *

You've got to be kidding. Now anybody can just make a new namespace, named after their own initials? And a module called Perl.pm? All this would be merely offensive and useless, but the meat of the module is downright stupid.

DP-Perl (0.101) *

Some of the subtlest CPAN comedy I've seen in years. For full effect, take a look at the source, not just the web documentation.

Unfortunately, his later work in DP::Date doesn't compare.

DP-Perl (0.101) *

# Copyright (C) 2003, Guido Flohr, all rights reserved, patents
# pending.

package GF::Perl;

sub concat

join '', @_;


When will there be a possibility to kick modules from CPAN that only occupy disk and namespace?

DP-Perl (0.101) *

This module has a vague and name description. It says it offers "several extensions..." to Perl, but all the functionality it offers is from a single function with one active line.