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DBIx-Class (0.082840) *****

DBI Porn

DBIx-Class (0.08250) *****

Great Performance improvement

DBIx-Class (0.08210) ****

it's a good module, for OR mapping;

hope to support async query in future :)

DBIx-Class (0.08200) *****

By far the best ORM available. Every time I've used an ORM for some other platform (such as Zend_Db_Table for PHP5) I always cringe to DBIx::Class. DBIx::Class makes database/SQL interaction so much more enjoyable.

The only thing I don't really like is how complex a relatively easy SQL query can become with SQL::Abstract. But once you figure that out and pass that hurdle you're good to go.

DBIx-Class (0.08196) *

Firstly, thank you to the developers involved in the Catalyst project for all their work and effort, and making it freely available for use. My comments are offered as constructive criticism.

I have spent days reading documentation, reading blogs, copying examples, etc., and have had nothing but trouble with DBIx::Class.*. I understand the bit about abstracting a data store so it can be manipulated in an object-oriented manner, but this module does not provide access to all the functionality provided by raw SQL and requires one to learn a cryptic syntax (poorly documented for real world use) that hopefully produces correct SQL. More than once the thought crossed my mind "do I have modify my database schema to cater to the limitations of DBIx::Class?". For me, this module creates cascading problems with database access, none of which I have when using raw SQL. For example, a raw SQL query that works at a database prompt when passed to DBIx::Class::ResultSource.* no longer works when it is wrapped in the default me alias. In summary, can anyone give me solid, practical reasons why I should spend a lot of time and effort trying to unravel a interface that provides less functionality and causes a multitude of problems accessing a data store than raw SQL?

I'll look at DBIx::Class again once the documentation improves and other than trivial code examples are available. Until then. I'll use Catalyst::Model::DBI and its attendant overhead, have full control of the database interaction, and waste a lot less time in getting work done.

DBIx-Class (0.08108) *****

Very high learning curve. Painful to learn. Incredibly helpful and surpassingly easy to use once you've learned its interface. This is a can't-live-without module that will go down in Perl history as one of the greats. My hat is off to its author, contributors, and community.

DBIx-Class (0.08108) *****

I am a big fan of ORM's in general and this one is is my favorite of the bunch. I especially like the fact that you can chain queries without hitting the DB too often. (Example: $rs->search({ name => 'frew' })->search({ job => 'Programmer' })->update({ name => 'Frew' });

DBIx-Class (0.08012) *****

DBIx::Class is not only the best Perl ORM I've used, but also one of the best ORMs in any language. It might not be the fastest or lightest ORM, but it's definitely the one with the most intelligent and flexible API.

DBIx-Class (0.08196) *****

Watching DBIx::Class grow up has been a lot of fun. Whereas once I would tentatively mention it to clients' lead developers, pointing out the terrible documentation and potentially unstable codebase, these days I happily point junior programmers towards it and expect them to produce good results within the day.

This is one of several packages that makes Ruby On Rails seem a complete waste of time.

Great work - thanks to all on the team!

DBIx-Class (0.08007) *****

DBI::Class has made it so using SQL databases isn't tedious, but even pleasant and fun. It's amazingly powerful and well thought out. Truly amazing work.

DBIx-Class (0.08003) *****

DBIx-Class is an excellent framework with a big community and I'm surprised with every piece of code that I migrate from another db-interface. In association with Catalyst and Template-Toolkit it makes a lot of fun to develop.

DBIx-Class (0.08010) *****

Many people go through a phase of writing their own Object Relational Mapping class. I did.

Then I discovered Class::DBI and threw away my own ORM code.

Then I discovered DBIx::Class and threw away all my code that used Class::DBI.

That painful exercise makes me appreciate DBIx::Class all the more!

DBIx-Class (0.08010) *****

I'm coming from the explicit DBI/DBD/SQL programming world and are just switching/learning to the way of ORM. Therefore my point of view is rather at a beginner level.

DBIx class is really nice if you follow the path of the examples with widespread open source databases like MySQL. I mostly used it from within Catalyst and I got practically all simple and enhanced query problems solved quite elegant without programming in SQL.

So, why not 5 stars?

Because the documentation may become very confusing once you have to use another database system (Oracle in my case) and the basic examples are not enough or you need to do manually what normally Catalyst helper scripts do for you.

Then the documentation too often says "see This::Other::Related::Module". This might be true but requires you to understand each of those other related modules and to click through the hell of the circular dependencies between all those modules which is very annoying once you lost the thread. All this got worse when some of similar modules or some single methods just went deprecated. I really got lost there.

I wish the documentation would simply be more explicit even if that means doubling some prose and examples. Currently it feels a bit too much from a point of view of advanced regular DBIx::Class users.

Update 2008-05-30: I raise my rating to 5 stars. The docs got better and it's so worth all the effort to understand this ORM because it gets more and more fun the more you get used to it and the community on irc helps you with every problem within minutes. What else should they do to earn 5 stars?

DBIx-Class (0.06002) *****

I'm in the process of converting Handel from CDBI to DBIC schemas. There is almost nothing you can't tweak, change, modify, or redirect about the various logic and behaviors of how DBIC operates on your data. DBIC makes the tedious things easy, and the complicated things quite possible.

DBIx-Class (0.06002) *****

I never had so much fun working with a database before the birth of DBIC :) What else to say? Open minded development lead and community, many tests, getting better and better every version. So DBIC++ from my side.

DBIx-Class (0.06001) ****

This is the best ORM I've ever used. Class::DBI was way too limited and I always ended up with a bunh of set_sql() and similia.
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